Listings way - the practical side of my blog

Welcome to the heading "Auf'm way!"
This is the practical side of my blog. This is um's DO.
I just do not philosophize about how I can lead a more valuable life, but I also want to implement. And not after I clarified my theoretical-psychological background completely (which was my previous approach) but right from the start. So from NOW!
That is always when I am active, anytime when I actually take things in hand, whenever the sweat runs down, always when the mind takes a backseat and I very sensual experience of creativity, of active formation, the Hinlangens, the do not-so-long-but-think-just-do, then I will report it here.

For me, this can be as a kind of success diary - for you who read this, can be found here maybe one or the other suggestion, to become active, you auf'n to make way.

Let us surprise us!

Defer or work - the mode makes the difference


When it comes to combat procrastination effectively, playing a cognition in my experience a very important role:

Whether we defer or create something in which we put ourselves essentially depends on the "mode" from!

We all know that if we sit in the office and started only once have to surf the Internet (some say also: Searching for important information), it can sometimes take hours to remind us again of what we do actually have ....

... My theory is this: We are not really lazy but we simply put us in the wrong mode then no longer found (in the case in the surf mode) and the switch to switch in the "creative mode". If this is true so, then it would indeed be possible the other way around, that we put ourselves in a productive mode, which then in turn makes it difficult to postpone or to do other things that are not your turn now ...?!?

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